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A book in a year – The Rescue Year

My most recent ‘proper’ writing project, The Rescue Year, is one that I feel just a little bit proud of. You see, from inception to being fully typed up and the first wave of edits complete, it has taken just 11 months to bring the story together – 80,000 words, 2.5 A3 notebooks, 300Kb on […]

November is NaNoWriMo

Er, what’s NaNoWriMo? November every year is what is called “NaNoWriMo” – National Novel Writing Month. Now, at first, that sounds like some ghastly brash Americanism (and sounds as wrong as focussing all your attention on your Mother just on Mother’s Day, or devoting yourself to your loved one mostly on Valentine’s Day and not […]

Debut novel Sunset

SUNSET represents the first novel I am taking forward towards publication. It felt very strange when I finally took steps to begin the process (and more than a little nerve-wracking), but I know whatever happens they will be worthwhile steps. Now, this article is not a sales pitch for the book – not yet, anyway(!) […]

Why Shetland?

This is something that a lot of people have asked me over the years; why am I always drawn back to Shetland? And if the truth be told, not something easily answered. On one of my recent trips, the Saab carrying me away climbed higher and first Sumburgh Head then Fair Isle faded into the […]

Hello world!

Warning: this is the usual gratuitous first blog post! As (probably) mentioned elsewhere throughout these pages, this site will form my space on the web, featuring the books I am currently working on, some of the geographic research I have undertaken, and my adopted home of Liverpool and ‘spiritual home’ of Shetland. Amongst the material […]