Having finally taken the step of submitting my fiction writing for publication over the last year, it seemed appropriate to establish my own corner of the web.

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Who am I?

A researcher for almost 20 years, having also dabbled in lecturing, my life revolves around my adopted home of Liverpool and ‘spiritual home’ in the Shetland Isles. You’ll also find me in other locations such as the West Highlands, Snowdonia or Belfast – with either a pair of running shoes for the nearest race or a notepad and pen in hand! It’s probably true that if I didn’t spend quite so much time scrambling through mountains or running over 1,000 miles each year I might have placed multiple books in print by now – but then, I’d have missed half the experiences which inspire the stories!

What is this site for?

Providing information on the books I am working on, predominantly fiction across a range of genres. I have no illusions about becoming the next J.K.Rowling (which would be nice), but I love creating and sharing stories, and hopefully this website will help with that. My aim is to get published in the traditional way, via an agent and publisher; but if need be this site may well have links to the first self-published novels in a year’s time. If that’s the case it will need a hefty makeover!

The site also provides information about Liverpool and Shetland, both of which – for very different reasons – are great places. Both form a core part of my life, and an inspiration for my writing, and I hope to share tips for the many people who have not visited either. Both locations are well worth visiting, living and investing in, as the slogan goes.

I also intend to publish much of the information I gathered through my geography MSc on this site, which may be useful to many out there. Some of this may be updated as fresh data becomes available. Geography matters in this topsy-turvy world, increasingly so as truths get distorted, and whatever I can do to help promote that I will – I guess there’s still something of the academic in me.

I must emphasise that any information on this site is completely separate from my working career (for those who may know or have heard of me from my number-crunching orb) and commercial and professional commitments mean that it must remain so.

What next?

Check back (please!) late in November 2017. Liverpool didn’t win its well-deserved World Heritage Site status overnight and it takes a while to upload this mountain of information!


Page updated 06/11/17