Welcome to my corner of the web – I am a writer, runner and geographer, based in the great city of Liverpool. I have a number of novels being submitted for publication; a long-standing love of the Shetland Isles; and an enduring fascination with just about anything involving maps.

Banner image of Liverpool, writing, and Shetland

On this website you will find an update on my fiction writing, information pages on my adopted home of Liverpool and spiritual home of Shetland, and (eventually) a realm of useful articles on geographic-related issues. Please do keep checking back – pages and blog posts will be going up regularly, but as with every website this is a perpetual work in progress! All major updates will be listed on this front page.

Latest full updates:

  • 09/08/18: A new blog describing my most recent book project, The Rescue Year.
  • 29/07/18: section about Shetland updated, with new pages containng advice about how to get there, where to stay and what to do.


Expected next update: April 2019, including extracts from writing.

Page updated: 9th August 2018 – content and design updates, 18/02/19.